Why I love Dachshunds

Why I love Dachshunds

I have both owned, and occasionally bred dachshunds since the late 1960s. I believe that dachshunds rank amongst the finest and most affectionate of all dog breeds.

If they are bred appropriately Dachies are loyal, reliable, very strong for their size, fearless, clean, humorous and easy to domesticate. They are very protective of children and are great watch dogs. As you will find below they are real characters in their own right too!

I could add many more positive attributes about this breed, but I will allow the photographs, videos and text below to do the rest of my talking.

First of all I will introduce you to my miniature dachshund Max. The following three photographs were taken when Max was three years of age.

Max out for his walk

Tickle my tummy please

Max in his backyard. His boss needs to mow the grass

Dachshund videos:

Hilarious video of a dachshund on holiday

Five week old miniature Dachies

Dachies having a pool party

Dachies love their lion friend

1,000 Dachshunds Gathered For A Mass Walk In London

Why do people love dachshunds?

Speedy sausage dogs take to the track

Dachshund websites:

A detailed description of the dachshund breed

Frankie the Dachie is now an international hero

Two special pictures of Dachies that I have chosen in order to make your day: