Welcome to my ‘no frills’ website. This website is my retirement hobby. Each day my dog Max keeps me company beside my computer table.

You will find wide-ranging blog presentations in my website. These include concept science ideas and allied information. I enjoy thinking about life and the human condition and how “things” might come together and work in the manner that they do. I am not a tertiary trained scientist.

I also enjoy thinking and writing about philosophy and what might be the meaning and purpose of life. I think a lot about global climate change and the wider world order. I consider the mysteries of nature, how the mind and brain nexus might work in the manner that it does, and what might be the dangers to infants and young children of wireless radiation from mobile phone, wifi devices and the like.

Before you proceed, I feel that you should have an appreciation of my neurological health condition. This condition impacts the manner in which I think and write about life, nature and the wider human condition seated within the rules of nature.

About my neurological health:

Following ‘difficult’ brain surgery more than two decades ago I retain a neurological health condition. This condition is linked to damage to my left temporal lobe during this surgery. From this medical incident I have become a much more creative and insightful thinker. In my opinion these three links: This link, this link and this link seem to provide (not conclusive evidence) to what I mean by this. Unfortunately since my surgery no neurological health practitioner has seen fit to, or has been able to, seriously talk to me about my complicated post-operative mental health condition. Over time I have repeatedly requested different psychiatrists, psychologists, and other members of the medical profession to do this. This includes asking them to diagnostically ‘label’ my mental health issue so that I can better understand it, as well as discuss it with my family and others.

This failure of mental health specialists (including two demeaning and openly confrontational GPs) to effectively communicate with me about this mental health issue, has left me feeling a very anxious, isolated, lonely and neurologically confused person in my retirement years. Fortunately I have learned to work around these inconveniences to my life. I have also sought help from a South Australian hospital mental health clinic. This was a similarly negative experience for me.

It is against this background that the Australian Disabled Abuse Royal Commission accepted my verbal/written submission to share my medical story with them. This is as well as my providing them with related medical documentation, copies of my complaint correspondence and allied FOI information that seem to support my wide-ranging allegations. I recently appeared before a Royal Commissioner (via a telecommunication TV link up) to further elaborate upon my story. I answered many questions that he asked me. For me it was a positive ninety minute session with the Commissioner and his assistant. The Commission appointed an advocate to assist me. I suspect there are many others in the Australian community who have had similar negative experiences with the medical profession. The Commissioner stated that I was not the only complainant who had submitted similar unsettling stories to the Commission.

Recently I entered into preliminary discussions with the Royal Commission as to whether it might consider accepting a much longer and more detailed essay from me about my medical service problems. If such a request is successful I understand that such a document (together with others submitted by the wider public) would appear as an online reference attachment to its complete report, to be published at a later date. This is a report to the federal government that I understand is due to be submitted sometime around two years from now. I also understand that if I am successful in my request, then my written effort would be supported by legal advice along the way without cost to me. For these reasons and before I get much older, I would like to attempt to complete such a work. I say this for posterity reasons with my family in mind.

I have also discussed my grief with the National Health Practitioner Ombudsman. The Ombudsman’s office suggested that I forward it information about my contemporary health dilemma as well as related matters, such as similar FOI documentation that I cited above. I have done this. The Ombudsman’s office seems to be especially interested in administrative medicine failures within the community, along the lines of my neurological and organic health grievances and associated complaints over time. By this I mean for parties to effectively communicate with each other in a meaningful and mutually understood manner.

Within this package of information I also included examples of my retirement hobby, which is concept cosmological science. (in doing this I never expected the Ombudsman’s office to have the contents reviewed for its scientific veracity). I am now greatly relieved that at last I have found such open-minded ears to listen and chat to me about these unfortunate difficulties in my life. I have informed the Ombudsman’s office as to how some members of the medical profession state that I suffer from a mental health disease and that my concept scientific writings have established this diagnosis to be seriously misleading and  inaccurate. In saying this they also suggest that I am a grandiose and narcissistic individual.

My submission to the Ombudsman’s office has been reviewed by both a senior investigator as well as a member of her senior management team. I recently received mail from this investigator stating that certain elements of my story have been deemed worthy of further investigation by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). This suggests to me that there might be sound reasons for the medical profession to look more closely at complaints to it that are of a similar nature to mine.

If you care to know a little more about me, my hobbies, my cultural and cosmological beliefs, my attitude towards scientific history and life values, you might find this blog to be of interest but because I have rewritten certain sections of this welcome page, you will find that my words there do not necessarily context well with this blog. I hope to adjust this situation in the near future. If you do this you will note how I link issues relating to my neurological health to my wider story. In this presentation I also speculate about related topics such as human creativity, knowledge, intelligence and what appear to be some people’s undue ‘sensitivity’ to wider life… whatever such words might mean.

Over time I have learned that some people (in different ways and sometimes with an unusually deep depth of life-meaning) experience these ‘different’ neurological variables in comparison to other members of the public. I have never attempted to hide my difficult post- operative neurological health condition. In this blog you will find a little more about me with respect to my earlier life, education, and employment endeavors (in one section you will find that there is an overlap of information between both blogs).

Please be patient as you peruse my work. It is because of my cited shortcomings that I tend to duplicate my ideas without knowing that I am doing this. My short-term memory is beginning to significantly fail me. My ability to construct and punctuate the written word is sometimes ‘disjointed’ as well. At different times I have a friend who helps me by reviewing and assisting me to sort out many of these difficulties.

Thank you for your interest and patience with my story today.
John Raymond
December 2020