Welcome to my ‘no frills’ website. This website is my retirement hobby. Each day my dog Max keeps me company beside my computer table.

I especially have my two grandchildren in mind as I post new blogs.

You will find wide-ranging blog presentations in my website. These include a significant number of scientific ideas and information. I enjoy thinking about life and the human condition and how “things” might come together and work in the manner that they do. I subscribe to the notion that under the right conditions and circumstances most things are possible, including metaphysical things as well. For example I believe that the universe has its own consciousness. I am not a tertiary trained scientist.

I also enjoy thinking and writing about philosophy and what might be the meaning and purpose of life. I think a lot about global climate change and the wider world order. I consider the mysteries of nature, how the mind and brain nexus might work in the manner that it does, and what might be the dangers to infants and young children of wireless radiation from mobile phones and wifi devices and the like. I also share with you excerpts from my late mother’s colourful life.

Following difficult brain surgery more than two decades ago, I retain a neurological health condition. This condition is linked to damage to my left temporal lobe during this surgery. From that medical incident I have become a more creative and insightful thinker. These three links: This link, this link and this link provide pointers to what I mean by this.

If you care to know a little more about me, my hobbies, my cultural and cosmological beliefs, my attitude towards scientific history and life values, you might find this blog of interest. You will note how I link issues relating to my neurological health, such as unusual creativity, knowledge and intelligence and sensitivity to life and all things in it. It is by means of debate in this blog that I challenge some of my critics (including some members of the medical profession) in these areas, especially in the mental health sector.

With respect to these areas of life I challenge my critics who might claim that I suffer from some sort of a significant mental health debility. Some members of the Australian mental health profession are included too. I need outside assistance in order to compose and write higher standard language. I also suffer from a short- term memory problem. It shows.

John Raymond

October 2020