The circumstances around the man who saved the world

The circumstances around the man who saved the world

Such a person did exist. The evidence is here

I continue to remember those frightening days very well. The story is about the 1962 Cuban missile crisis.

During a one week period during those times most of us of thought we had no more than a few days/hours to live!

It is now widely believed that it was merely the “instinct” of one person at the (potential) battle front of a new world war that saved most life forms on the planet.

It was not military generals or national political leaders that made this decision!

It was simply one caring and cautious (wise?) “ordinary” military trained soldier that defied standard military procedures of the day by not pushing the button that would have inevitably led to such global destruction and mass loss of life.

My story.

I feel that it is likely that most people in contemporary society have never heard about the day the world nearly came to an ‘end’ by means of a catastrophic international nuclear exchange. I was a young man during this period. I see parallels between the dangers of nuclear war in 1962 as being comparable to the dangers of a hostile international exchange of nuclear weapons today.

If you are interested in the dynamics [politics] of international relationships I think that you will find the contents of this blog to be both interesting and disturbing.

I have found two videos that seem to provide a comprehensive insight as to what happened in October 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis in the Caribbean. I think that the Cuban missile Crisis was a defining point in international political and military history. During the 13 day period of the crisis the world unequivocally faced the possibility of nuclear annihilation. It is for this reason, and more particularly in relation to the North Korean military stand-off today that I feel these two video documentaries made in the 1990’s are highly pertinent now.

I think that the most relevant point of the Cuban Missile Crisis is that nuclear annihilation could have occurred simply by incomplete or delayed transfer of information between the United States, The Soviet Union and their respective allies. Both the United States and The Soviet Union were merely a hair trigger away from mutual destruction.

Perhaps one of the most important factors in this stand-off is that the respective American and Soviet field commanders each had autonomous rights to fire weapons without referring back to their superiors. The Soviets believed that the Americans were planning a full-scale invasion of Cuba [as they were] and the Soviets would have resorted to using tactical nuclear weapons in the field against the Americans if this had occurred. The Soviets also had nuclear armed torpedoes on their submarines as well as short range tactical nuclear rockets available to their field armies. The Americans did not know about the nuclear armed torpedoes and tactical rockets deployed by the Soviets.

Misuse of these nuclear weapons would have most likely resulted in a full scale nuclear exchange between America and The Soviet Union. The Cuban Missile Crisis eventually led to the first nuclear arms control treaty between the Soviets and Americans.

The reasons why the two videos have been incorporated into this blog is because the video entitled “The Cuban Missile Crisis – What the World Didn’t Know” gives a fairly comprehensive overview of the dynamics of the crisis itself.

This wikipedia article provides a much deeper insight into the crisis than my words.

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