Why I feel that metaphysics should not be a ‘dirty’ word in our culture

Why I feel that metaphysics should not be a ‘dirty’ word in our culture

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I demonstrate three examples of physics theory that tell us that there is hidden ‘energy types’ in the universe that we live with every day and furthermore they are not mechanical in nature. Because scientist do not exactly know what these energy types are they refer to them as being non-local phenomenon (relating to entanglement theory).

These words suggest that all ‘things’ and associated events in the universe are somehow connected to each other. It is this mysterious connection between things that might best  be referred to as being metaphysical. Metaphysical means scientifically unknowable (like consciousness), not yet discovered by science or yet understood by scientists).

I quote an author who explains this science concept this way :-


“Entanglement or non-separability is the core idea of quantum theory. It is a simple idea: the universe is not a bunch of independent parts, but is rather one entity that evolves through time as one entity. That’s it. The problem is that this means there’s no such thing as causation. This is very hard to wrap your head around. Quantum theory is extraordinarily accurate, and our knowing quantum theory is why we have things like cell phones and computers. But what is quantum theory, really? Why is entanglement its primary prediction? This talk will explain what quantum theory is. I will show that quantum theory has nothing to do with tiny particles, wave-function collapse, or Schroedinger’s cat. Quantum theory is about how observers obtain information about the world. It is, in particular, about how observers who have memories and use language obtain information about the world. It is, in other words, about how you and I interact with perfectly ordinary things like tables and chairs and each other”

I emboldened and italicised the text above.

Example 1.


Example 2.


Non-local is similar to entanglement but in this instance the experiments are described in a different and more complicated manner. The three examples below are difficult to follow and understand. I do not understand them either (a retired physicist provided me with the links on your behalf)

Example 3.

Maxwell’s Demon

Maxwell’s demon demonstrates that all information is energy. What we think and write about is also energy. Maxwell’s Demon can be mathematically and mechanically demonstrated by science.  It is informational energy that ‘permeates’ all that “IS” in the universe. This includes us. In this sense the phenomenon of Maxwell’s Demon can be seen as a type of hidden ‘force’ that that influences not only all things and associated events related thereto but also the manner in which we apply our intelligence and probably ‘think’. Maxwell’s Demon also demonstrates that it defies normal mechanical causation theory in physics.

Maxwell’s Demon  theoretically and mechanically demonstrates not only that it is a random energy type that influences all that “IS” but it also provides a pointer as to how it has its own sense of conscious-awareness. Furthermore how it can ‘divide’ things as though it were a randomly active but  selective  trap door between this and that and whatever else surrounds  us.

In this sense I suggest that the phenomenon of Maxwell’s Demon might be akin to the ‘workings’ of our existential human mind. This is not only the workings of the human mind but also its broader and influential relationship with our ‘mechanical-brain’ as well.

I have provided you with these wide ranging links in order to help you to better understand and appreciate the importance of this subject in respect to our daily lives.

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