It’s about time. Two stories in one

It’s about time. Two stories in one

This presentation has been especially designed to be an extension of my welcome page. The effort is a push back against my conceptual science critics


I believe in reality science!

I see reality as being a cosmological experience. I believe that this experience has two experiential faces. There is the temporal [worldly] face that we know a considerable degree about, and there is the ontological [metaphysical] face that largely remains a scientific mystery to us. In my opinion, in order to understand this dual relationship we must be prepared to fearlessly speculate about such scientific phenomena. I also believe that our natural intelligence, our knowledge base at any given time, and any newly acquired knowledge must always diligently work hand in hand. Furthermore in order to appreciate the value and worth of reality science, ontological intuition [sensitivity] must work hand in hand with this process too, including metaphysically.

I am critical of the different elements of our cultural system that seek to deprive us from being actively exposed to all that is experientially real in our lives, so that we may better learn and understand it. The magic of fractal symmetry [exactly similar parts] in nature with flower petals is an example of this. I include the wider cosmological “theater” within which we are also players as well. I believe that it is important to teach students that a mysterious level of sub-quantum science exists that thus far we know little about. Our intuition is an example of this. I feel that by exposing them to this scientific concept it will at least give them the embryonic incentive to learn more about this subject in their own time.

For the purposes of this presentation I am particularly critical of the physical and mental health hierarchies for the respective roles that they are playing in discouraging people from being more receptive and open-minded to the conceptual notion of reality science over many levels. I firmly punctuate this point in my presentation. I also provide numerous reasons and examples why I say this.

In the first part of my presentation I provide you with information to demonstrate that I have the will and capacity to learn about all manner of new things. I also see myself as being a person who has an insatiable appetite to enhance my knowledge base in relation to all things we are familiar with and depend on, in order to more widely understand what life is really about and what it might mean. I also feel that I am sufficiently attuned to nature in order to at least partly understand what the hidden properties of nature might be. By this I mean such things as attempting to identify and describe the difference between consciousness and intuitive awareness in the manner that I have. I also talk about the history of Einstein’s relativity physics in order to better understand what these properties might be. This includes why Einstein decided that the “natural’ continuum of his General Relativity model is electromagnetism.

A key feature of my document is to introduce you to a conceptual analogy that might assist you to understand the two elementary structures of the universe that I have cited. I suggest that from my analogy it might be possible to demonstrate a point in cosmological history where time as we know it to be today is no longer relevant. By this I mean as it relates to the speed of light. We have sought statistical information from NASA in order to reach certain conclusions in respect to this mystery in physics. I see my analogy as being a metaphysical driven [noetic] construct.

I suggest that under the right circumstances and conditions almost all things are possible in our universe. I further suggest that by employing knowledge, new knowledge and the will to continue to experiment with knowledge, we are helped to understand why such a suggestion makes sense. This also means what the contextual meaning of this new knowledge might be in relation to what we have already learned. I have inserted seven science related keys that assist in the understanding of this process. I see the desire to learn new knowledge is fired by a powerful instinctual desire to do so. This might also be referred to as a limitless desire to be attuned to reality and understand what it might mean.

I understand the inherent psychological dangers in encouraging people to delve into the sub-quantum levels of physics and what their hidden meanings might be. I acknowledge that in some instances it could be destructive. However I believe that society should consider providing friendly structures and mechanisms to assist such people to manage their perceived skills. This is not only for their sense of self-satisfaction, but also for the possible benefit of the wider community. I am not suggesting that people suffering from a serious mental health disease or chronic mechanical brain damage [such as by an accident] necessarily fall into this category.

I believe that fearless desire [openness of mind] to understand the meaning and purpose and possible rules of reality is transcendent science. Another more widely known and recognised name for it is noetic [transpersonal] science. Noetic science is an intuition-led experiential model.

This document has been created for a specific short-term purpose. In the near future I intend to remove some of the forward sections or amend them. The title will change. It will become more specifically science driven.

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