Demonstrating that we do not live in isolated systems. I suggest that we live within one ‘big’ system!

Demonstrating that we do not live in isolated systems. I suggest that we live within one ‘big’ system!

This blog will probably make more sense to you if you take the time to read my blog entitled “Lab experiment demonstrates how ‘something’ can be materially observed to unfold backwards in time”.

It can be demonstrated that the world (the universe) and all life forms around us is ’embraced’ within a metaphysical (implicit) system that mathematically can be demonstrated to extend beyond our universe into what ever the wider realm of ‘infinity’ might be.

This system is the scientifically intriguing and visually beautiful world of (mathematically discovered and described) fractals. Fractals are self replicating patterns (like how a rose bud is self enfolded) that mostly manifest themselves in all life forms as well as the wider geographical world that includes oceans and the sky. This also includes into such remote places as deeply into the fields of human biology and medicine.

Fractal mathematical theory demonstrates that we exist as a unified whole. This means one big system! Mathematically it can be shown that this holistic-unity is as a result of the existence of unknowable energy type formations (fields) that ontologically manifest themselves throughout nature as a process of mathematical and visual self similarity. Fractals also represent themselves as patterns occurring again and again at different scales and sizes. These include in flowers, trees, mountain range formation, cloud patterns and body parts and object shapes such as human faces.

The self-similarity of the fractal system goes infinitely deep: each pattern is made up of smaller copies of itself, and those smaller copies are made up of smaller copies again, forever in a perfect mathematical fractal set. In mathematics this is known as the Mandelbrot set. A video demonstration of this self-similarity going infinitely deep (forever?) can be seen here.

I suggest that fractal theory provides a pointer to what many people might see as the shortcomings of contemporary main stream physics theories. However, it does ‘fit’ within my described implicit/explicit concept science model and that it might also be demonstrated in one of the eighteen versions of quantum mechanics This is as the  Bohm implicate order model. does around which I have developed many of my conceptual reality-science ideas.

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