A compilation of significant mental health information with respect to this site

A compilation of significant mental health information with respect to this site

This compilation of seven blogs can be best understood with my words a little further down

Also before you read this text text I urge you to peruse my welcome page. Its contents might help you to better context some of the ideas I share with you in this post.

Item one suggests that ‘reality’ is dominated by the physics theory of non-locality.  I refer to non-locality as being metaphysical. I say that the metaphysical influences (like analogical subtle energies) of the universe are like an analogical life energy that gives life to all that “IS”.  I argue my point accordingly.

Item two has been presented because I believe that it contains information that will one day provide the embryo of a significant number of theoretical mental health therapy models.

Item three suggests that we have two consciousnesses. In item two I refer to one as being mechanical (rational) and the other one as being  existential (metaphysical).

Item four is self explanatory. It can be linked with information in item two.

Item five compliments item five.

Item six relates to what I see as being one of the more significant downsides of mental health theorists ignoring information contained in item two.

Item seven depicts how I see the information in item three might satisfactorily function and work in any future mental health therapy medical community.

The respective blog titles with their associated links are as follows:

1. Why metaphysics should not be seen as a ‘dirty’ word in our lives. I present reasons why we could not exist and live our lives in the manner that we do without employing such a word with its associated proper scientific meaning


2. Psychology for the 21st Century – a book review with science related commentary


3. Do we have two states of conscious awareness in our memories? Science suggests that we do


4. Is Psychology an unreliable medical discipline?


5. Estimating the reproducibility of psychological science


6. It now seems that there is no definitive medical diagnostic system for diagnosing bipolar mental health disorder


7. The mind, brain and thought construction nexus from a different perspective


Belated addendum:

1] Insight into the contemporary Psychiatric debate

2] A wider look at the mental health debate

3] A look at the legal consequences of stigma in relationship to mental health disabilities

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