An hour or so of entertainment for U

An hour or so of entertainment for U

I provide you with the following video links as being great fill in time entertainment


Oldies can play pranks too

Is this clown what he appears to be?

Exotic Christmas dinner for cat and dogs

Cat using toilet & toilet paper

To laugh again about cats


Two prominent scientists talk about cosmological nothing


A weird ride on a pushbike

New tricks for old dogs

Clever dog has been taught the art of life resuscitation

It seems that elephants really are afraid of mice

Cultural and society

A story about the beyond belief sense of humanity by one person at a time of war

A heart rendering story of a handicapped child at play

Film extracts from the Australian 1964 Bathurst car race

Close to being unbelievable

When intestinal fortitude is all about feathers

A story at sea

Dogs and bears having cuddly happy days on ice

Classical music with an amazing juggling difference

Enemy pilots share a great story

Unbelievably skilful motorbike riders

Amazing athletic presentation

Drawing skills at their very best

Animal version of David and Goliath

It seems that in 1950 motorsport racing was rather like a quaint event as opposed to what it is today

The amazing razor blade swallower

Incredible pool trick shot

Amazing juggler girl

A story about an amazingly intelligent crow

Amazing show biz card tricks


Mini aircraft to be fascinated by

Jet propelled man can still fascinate us

The workings of Big Ben

A real 4×4 wheel drive

The world’s first jet fighter flies again after 61 years

Do X 1929 – A Giant Flying Boat

Jobs go out the window for these reasons

When is a car not a car?

Meet the shape shifting city car of tomorrow

A new road surfacing technique that you have probably never heard about before

Frightening glass bridge

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