A light hearted reality story about quantum Bears and sub-quantum Mice in an unusually transparent universe

A light hearted reality story about quantum Bears and sub-quantum Mice in an unusually transparent universe

Differentiating the quantum Bears from the sub-quantum Mice with respect to my science-related writings


I acknowledge that many of my readers are finding it difficult to understand a good deal of the science related ideas that I have been posting in my blogs. Unfortunately it is beyond my capacity to attempt to present such ideas in any other form. This includes my philosophical ideas as well.

It is for this reason that in my blogs I refer to myself as being a philosophical concept-scientist. I have had no formal tertiary training in science, nor in physical theories or observation and measurement practice.

However, I will broadly attempt to explain what self-taught ideas and theories I work with when I talk to you about science, especially with theories related to physics.

For your convenience today I will make my story as informationally down to earth as I can. My sole intention is to attempt to help you to ‘get your head around’ some of the ideas in my science blogs in order to assist you to better context them. I have organised this blog so that you have a role to play in this debate and process as well. It does not matter if either one of us has got the science involved absolutely accurately. It is the bigger picture relating to the everyday reality of our lives and living circumstances that is far more important than this. This is why I have attempted to draw your attention to this blog in the first place.

I have numbered what I consider to be the key points you need to know with respect to my science related ideas. These especially include theories relating to my philosophical views about reality as well. I believe that philosophy and science should work hand in hand together in order for us to understand reality. As you read on I feel sure you will appreciate why I say this.

1. A line.

I suggest that you draw a straight line across the middle of a piece of paper the size of a writing pad. Refer to the space above this line as being a bears zone containing all scientific information relating to my analogical bears. Consider science related information below the line to be a mice zone relating to analogical mice.

You have created a two dimensional format with respect to the following words.

2. The bears zone.

The line that you have drawn represents what is known in physics as the Planck Line (also called a Planck length). The Plank Line separates the material ‘things’ and processes going on around us from that which is not material, such as our abstract (metaphysical) consciousnesses.

I suggest that you nominate this bears zone as being your material quantum zone (a system doing this, that and the other, relating to material things and events related such as drawing your line as I suggested that you do.) In other words, the bears zone is where all explicit things (all things that you can observe and measure) are occurring, including our daily lives.

The bears zone can also be seen as the zone in which moving objects have a specific relevance and meaning with respect to the bears zone itself and to what we commonly call space. With time incorporated within space, you may nominate space as being anything you like (say foam) because no one knows exactly what constitutes space except that it is a form of energy. I see space as being like the white of an uncooked egg that can be stretched in all manner of directions without becoming divided in any way. By this I mean indivisible as a single ‘thing’. This single thing might be entangled with gluons that physicists know that ‘hold the universe together’ so that it works in the manner that it does. Who knows?

Therefore you can consider that all big and small material things (objects) and events (such as raising your arm) take place in the bears zone, with respect to time. Small movements relating to distance such as raising your arm are measured by clocks, and movements relating to long distances between objects (say planets) are measured relative to the speed of light, which is 299,792 kilometres per second.

This means that when physicists say that certain objects or happenings over long distances of space (like matters relating to planets moving away from each other or the effects of heat transfer rates between objects that might include these same two planets, if it were occurring at all) occur in relation to the speed of light and not clocks. In other words clocks measuring time are only relevant for timing short or medium length distances.

You might see from my over simplified words that all physical happenings in the bears zone are reasonably straightforward to follow.

However, things and events taking place below your Planck line are a lot more complicated to understand than this, because they are more philosophically abstract. This does not mean that they are not demonstrably real such as in the case of consciousness. They may not be materially real but they certainly can be described and demonstrated.

How is it then that the bears and the mice in their respective zones entangle with each other in order to play all sorts of chaotic ‘games’? They might have some sort of physical and philosophical relationship as is thought to be in physics quantum entanglement theory? I suggest that it is from this chaotic game with the mice ‘teasing and playing’ with the bears on both sides of your Planck line that material things and associated events and processes emerge that scientists can better understand, observe and measure.

Both the bears and the mice in their respective zones need each other for the wider universe around us to work in the manner that it does. This is to influence the movement between objects, life and the diverse life forms and their activities in the wider universe. This includes the metaphysical aspects of life forms (mice) such as consciousness and intuition too.

3. The mice zone.

The mice zone is where all the mysterious things of a metaphysical nature take place (metaphysical in physics means not yet known about or discovered in physics yet). The mice zone is where unpredictable mice and bear related ‘incidents’ occur that in one way or another have some sort of connection to our lives and the wider world around us. Without the mice in the mice zone, the bears in the bear zone would not have any science related relevance or meaning. I believe that when our organic bear selves die, our mice component selves continue to ‘live on’ within the abstract mice zone

In other words I say that the mice zone is a zone unto itself that has no specific material scientific meaning except that without it we, with other forms of things and events related thereto could not exist. The mice zone and its mice can be seen as the life-force of all that IS (all things and related events) in our universe. It is the engine of the bears zone system along with all the bears within it as well.

The space below your Planck line is referred to by physicists as the sub-quantum processes of physics (a zone). Philosophers in the eastern tradition have long written about this analogical mice zone of reality as being like a zone that we attempt to transcend into and pleasantly experience and relax within when we meditate.

The words above are suggesting that our universal reality and existence are related to the respective mice and bears zone physics systems and processes along the extremely general and sometimes unreal lines that I have described. The bears quantum system relates to material things and associated events and processes that equate to the minimal amount of something that can be observed, measured and tested.

On the other hand the mice (sub-quantum) physics system is one that is an erratic multi-layered (chaotic) system that seems to embrace some sort of consciousness known solely to itself. It seems to be the hidden and mysterious ‘organiser’ of all that IS in the wider world around us. This includes ourselves and our life activities as well. In the two dimensional zone of mice, life and death have no specific meaning. When embraced with the bears in the bears zone it does.

This implies that the rules of physics between the bears are knowable and predictable whereas any rules relating to physics amongst mice are not. However, sophisticated mathematical predictions can test the possible future activities in the mice zone that often later legitimise their existence and associated ‘unruly’ behaviour.

4. Summary

I have given you guidelines as to how you might be able to better appreciate and understand the features and meaning of the different types of science and philosophical related topics (embracing bears and mice).

Because of the overall chaotic nature of the wider universe around us (including within our lives) I do not believe that there ever can be a single set of rules relating to physics science of all that IS. This is from within the wider world we bears (embracing metaphysical mice) from which we organise and conduct our daily lives.

I have employed the analogical concepts of bears and mice in order to convey my story to you because I feel that by writing in such a light hearted sense I would better entice you to be more interested in this blog than otherwise might have been the case. I have also attempted to lure you to smile and perhaps giggle along the way as well.

In my story it has been for a matter of convenience that I have not discussed the respective roles of electricity, magnetism, electrons and charge that are also key players in the world of physics. In this sense you may consider all three of these ‘effects’ as being mice behaviour in the mice zone of my two dimensional life zone concept.

The shortcomings of my two dimensional story about universal reality are probably clear to you. For example it would probably be better if you could imagine my two dimensional illustrative concept as being one that is a more conventional three dimensional one that is analogically floating in a partly inflated transparent balloon. The balloon analogy is representative of the ever- changing, flexing and expanding nature of the universe and within this balloon the mice and the bears are not ‘dancing’ with each across a single line but with each other in an entangled chaotic ‘mess’. However, as I have suggested above, somehow or other this chaotic mess has a meaning and a purpose of some type that one day might be better understood by scientists.

In my blogs from time to time you will see where I refer to the words explicit and implicit. You may assume that all things and events relating to my concept of bears are explicit and all things and events related to mice are mysteriously and metaphysically implicit.

You may find that this link is complimentary to this blog. It is written in a different style but the content type is much the same. You may find this sixty minute physics video complimentary to my story as well.

Please feel comfortable about posting comments to me relating to this blog.